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Texas Patti Movies and Filmography

Texas Patti has starred in these movies:
Happy Video Private (8 episodes), Videorama
Young debutantes (8 episodes), Videorama
To the work you ass, Videorama
Sex Diaries, Puaka
One Night in Bang-Cock, Videorama (Venus Award-Prized)
The Dentalist, TSP (Texaspatti Pictures)
Sexy Survival Camp, Sport 1
Sexy Roadtrip, Sport 1
Pornstar Diary, Beate-Uhse.TV / Texaspatti Pictures
CapitalPorno, Magmafilm
Hot Cat, Texaspatti Oktano / Texaspatti Pictures
Movie sex stars intimate with Texas Patti, Beate Uhse TV / Texaspatti Pictures
Car, Motor, Sex Texaspatti Pictures / Beate Uhse TV
Texaspatti’s Poppbox Parts 1-8, Beate Uhse TV / Texaspatti Pictures
Swingerclub reportage parts 1-4, Beate Uhse TV / Texaspatti Pictures
Texaspatti’s Sexpension – Hüttenzauber, Beate Uhse TV / Texaspatti Pictures
Texaspatti’s Private Swinger Party, Beate Uhse TV / Texaspatti Pictures
Texaspatti’s nasty carnival party, Beate Uhse TV / Texaspatti Pictures
Deutsche Sex Stars 1
German Massage
Oops, Sorry Misunderstanding
Sticky Fingers
You Talk Too Much
Pimmel Bingo 10
Private Gold 199: Whistleblower
Private Gold 202: Hausfrau Holidays
Private Specials 150: Chocolate Loving MILFs
Sprechstunde Frauenarzt 7
Hauptstadtporno 7
Mein Sex Tagebuch 3
Promi Jager 1
Gangbang Stars 2
Happy Video Privat 124
Happy Video Privat 125
Junge Debutantinnen 49: Frische Muschis
Nimm sie dir
One Night In Bang Cock
An die Arbeit du Arsch
Happy Video Privat 122
Happy Video Privat 123
Mallorca Reality
Schmutziges Hobby
Sex-Diaries: Love Sex and Sun
Simones Hausbesuche 66
Skandalos 195

Texas Patti Data and Information

Texas Patti got first recognition by losing her job because she was producing erotic films in addition to her profession. In the meantime she has appeared in more than 30 films and three professional productions as an actress.

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